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Clementine read the note over,shaking her head a bit as she spoke.

'I'm sure..I had a bad run in with guns a few years back,'the suppressed memory arose without an issue,the sight of Lee almost undead and Clementine left to do the dirt deed. Even if he wasn’t her parent he protected her,he taught her how to shoot. And she used that teaching on him.

'If you're sure… It's not all that safe around… Here…?' Her writing slowed. Eyes darting from one spot to another, she tensed up. Where was here? 'Uh… Any idea where we are?'


Clementine blinked for a moment,tilting her head slightly before realizing the woman was offering it up.

'O-oh,n-no thank you,'the last time the girl had used a gun was on Lee,the memory still haunted her to this day and she hadn’t held a gun since. She had always kept her hammer on stand-by,but a gun would help..It was hard for her,the memory clashing with the need for the gun.

Gordana paused, placing them on the ground for a moment. Taking out a sheet of paper, she wrote on it before handing it to the girl. ‘Are you sure? You don’t have to use it, but I’d feel better knowing you’ll have some extra protection. Not that i’m saying your hammer isn’t up for the job of course.’


'Thanks anyway,'Clementine stated,though she wasn’t sarcastic about it. She did truly mean her thank you,as that was first person who didn’t say ‘fuck off’ or ‘scram’.

Gordana managed a small smile, but gave a confused glance at the kids choice of weapon. She wasn’t about to let the kid run off with just that. Holding up a hand as though to ask for her to wait, she pulled out a few small boxes of ammo and her 9mm which was held by the barrel. She squat down to be at eye level with her before urging her to take them. 



'Excuse me-do you know where the nearest war reenactment site is?'


War reenactment site? Gordana gave an odd stare for a moment before shaking her head. First kid she sees in a while and they’re asking for directions to some war reenactment area. Hell, by now the whole world was one, except for the reenactment part of course.



"Or," The core continued as his envoy into the unknown legged it directly to the next door. "Or you could ignore me. Entirely. That, too, is an option. And clearly the one you’ve decided on." As she pressed on into the adjacent corridor, he seized his innards for one firm heave, whirling his plates wildly to change his direction. It was one spin too many before he could center himself, but otherwise a smashing success. "You probably can’t even help it, can you? Displaying your independence. Human nature, I’m pretty sure. Evolutionary. A biological calling for establishing pack ranks or some-such…"

Now able to track her progress, Wheatley noted her odd tendency to pluck up what he defined as bits of litter off the floor to pocket it like treasure. Another note for her recently developed file: mute, falls from ceilings, scary floaty gun, fancies trash. And, not twenty seconds later, he learned another: chronic difficulties with doors.

"You want to get in there, do you?" He mused aloud, flipping his innermost gyroscope to note both her facial expression and the direction it glowered. It was sort of adorable, watching this strange little human fumble around. Her hacking technique was atrocious. A rookie. He’d have to give her some tips in the future. "I’ll be honest. No idea where it goes. Haven’t really given me a chance to get my bearings here, running off every which way like this. Certainly would help if you could just say what you’re looking for… are you positive you can’t…? No. Alright. Well. Head on over. Lets have a look.”

It seemed she had initially burst into a section of scattered offices, reducing his usefulness with handling doors tremendously. Though he had to admit this particular span of hall was holding up better than most he came across. Some of the fluorescent panels illuminating the ceiling actually worked, only flickering every now and again.

Gordana was definitely not appreciating the commentary as she gazed suspiciously down the new hallway. Unfortunately she wasn’t all that great at carrying two things at once so it would be impossible to hold the Gravity gun up while aiming even her 9mm at anyone who might be in the area.

Sighing again, she went through the routine of checking every door as they went along. Any that weren’t locked only had a small office space with one or two broken computers and more scattered trash. It was as if everyone collectively went mad, trashed the place, and left without a care in the world.

Eventually, as they got to the fifth room, she opened the door and grinned. There were a few pens scattered along one of the desks. She eagerly set the Gravity gun down and grabbed a pen before sitting on the floor in front of William. Uncapping it, she pulled out the paper from earlier and started writing, showing it to the ball soon after.

'Please stop talking to me like I'm brain damaged or something. I'm Gordana. What or who are you exactly and where am I?'

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Gordon and Barney had not been spared from the barrage, both taking a couple of direct hits and now shivering from the cold. Gordon had retreated to the shore in an attempt to warm up a little when the others jumped in, covering him once again in cold water. He spluttered a little and took off his glasses, wiping at his face.

Barney laughed and gave the newcomers a reproachful splash, chuckling, “Assholes.”

Gordon shook his head and glanced over to Gordana as she signed, frowning in concern when he saw her Barney’s distinctly Calhoun grin. Talk about a bad omen.

As they climbed down from the tree, Gordon’s and Barney’s chuckles and giggles slowly subsided, only to restart uproariously at the sight of the other Gordon getting splashed by a combined hydrogravitational assault by the others. After that had subsided, the third and presumably final Barney jumped into the water, while Gordon made a show of testing it to see if it was warm first. He then slowly lowered himself in, wincing at the relative cold.

Her Barney glanced over to their cooler. “You think we have enough food for everyone?” She shook her head as she stood up and stepped onto shore. ‘They can fight for whatever happens to be left.’ Hating the feeling of her shirt sticking to her, she pulled it off and tossed it onto the log as she searched through the cooler and took out a beer for herself. Maybe she should’ve left her shirt off earlier…

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Gordon “hmm”d and crossed his arms thoughtfully, staring blankly into the middle distance. Weirdness aside, this actually presented an interesting problem, one that he’d love to take a first-hand look at — run some tests, see if they could replicate the results on a different teleport, maybe even fix the problem, or at least make it controllable…

Not that this would even be possible — the teleport here was working fine, and he doubted Gordana could just take him along for the ride when she got pulled back to her own universe — but still, it was fascinating. Mildly horrifying, sure, but fascinating all the same.

He blinked himself back to the present and gave Gordana a puzzled look. “Something bigger, as in…”  Well, there was one person who instantly came to mind.

'You know exactly who I mean.' Gordana signed, her gaze having moved to the ground. She hated the fact the damn creep was another recurring theme in the alternate universes, something else that seemed unpreventable. It made her sick to her stomach just thinking about it. At least it proved the mystery creep was indeed at a very high possibility for being a reason for this mess.

Eyes narrowing, she moved over towards the crates and hopped up onto the closest ones for a seat, kicking at the dirt patch mindlessly. How long before it resets again?

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