Woman of few words


Gordon, sensing a lack of fun, took over the controls. He was surprised at how difficult the game was, as though the characters had a life and mind of their own. Oh well - he won the first two games, and quickly lost the third. Feeling bored, and noticing Gordana’s sleepy face, he wheeled her over to a corner and signed that it was okay to sleep.

Gordana nodded gratefully and nuzzled further into the chair and blanket for comfort. It took a few minutes for her to actually get to sleep and by then she was practically cocooned in a field of pure coziness. Oh I’ll have to thank Barney for this later… Speak of the devil, in walked Calhoun who stared at the makeshift arcade in disbelief. “When did THIS get here?”


Hans takes a half step back as her arm extends toward him. This isn’t something he’s used to from women. Usually they’re trying to hit him if they reach out like that.  But her hand is stationary… He isn’t at all sure what her other hand is doing but he assumes it’s a greeting.

"Hello.." He says with a small smile, taking the woman’s hand and bringing it nearly- As he assumes she wants him to do. He doesn’t kiss her knuckles of course. Why would he? Instead he simply bows his head before releasing her.


"I’m sorry… Whatever you’re trying to tell me there it.. Isn’t very clear.." He glances from her face to her hand. 

Gordana took back her hand with an odd expression mixing ‘of course’ and ‘why me’ as he practically confirmed her suspicions. Not many people knew ASL in other universes, so why did she even bother trying wherever here was? Of course this meant she would either have to find a different way to communicate or merely stand around and try talking through facial expressions the whole time.

She released an agitated sigh, successfully blowing a few strands of hair out of her eyes. How would she go about this… Raising a hand up in hopes that he would realize what she was trying to say, she tapped her neck and shook her head. No voice, kid.


"How do you do? I am Prince Hans of the Southern Isles."


"And who am I speaking to, if I may be so bold as to ask?"

A Prince? Now this was just getting ridiculous… She couldn’t help but stare at the man at first as if trying to decide whether it would be appropriate to bow or something. In the meantime she dropped her crowbar in its holder at her side and stuck out her right hand, hoping the gesture would suffice as she signed with the other hand. ‘Gordana Freeman. Nice to meet you I guess?’


                                                —i am no { н e r o }

                                                              no sᴀᴠɪᴏʀ;;

                                                                        i am ɴoтнιɴɢ.

Since memories triggered by scent are the strongest…


Send my muse a scent and see how they’ll react to it.


((I’m not entirely sure if the glitches are getting worse or not, but I refuse to fix it because it presents odd challenges. First the trains were either stopping (which would instantly kill me if I accidentally touched the front) or not showing up entirely, and now striders are stepping and shooting through walls. This goes beyond difficult, and leading the uprising is proving to be very hard with two striders on the same part of the map, stepping through walls every five seconds. Must be the ghosts of striders past?))






how the f do u bring back a fandom though

make things

convince others to make things as well

start a Renaissance, get more people involved

I make crowbar swooshing noises to attract the half life fandom, I’m thinking they’re all in stasis…

Hello yes crowbar noises hmm wha

photo shwoomp_zps2c776b4e.gif

I heard crowbar noises!

Hello friends! Are we been summoned?


im a shitty rp partner tho

sometimes i reply 19 seconds after youve replied

sometimes i reply 147 years later


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Freeman and the Free Woman


Scientifically speaking, car sickness is identical to the body’s knee-jerk reaction to being poisoned. Evolving and growing in on an ever-static plane, a world lurching seemingly on its own accord sends the id into the panicked frenzy on the notion that something isn’t quite right. Of course, logic and context have, for the most part, been able to bypass this primal response. The innate knowledge that you are, in fact, not in any apparent danger has curbed the need to projectile vomit every time someone puts their foot on the gas.

This mental comfort was not extended to Chell. 

With nothing more than gravity and sheer self-preservation buckling her to her seat, Chell suppressed the rising urge to retch. Her tattered nails embedded themselves into the upholstery of the chair as each effort to dodge a living road hazard threatened to shake her from the vehicle. Her single encounter with the Combine troops palled in comparison to the armored woman’s Sunday driving. Chell almost looked forward to the battle that would end this joyride. 

Apparently silently willing it was enough. Without any thresholding drop in momentum, Gordana’s foot slammed into the break and Chell into the dashboard. Breathing haggardly, she managed to scrape herself off the fascia and shoot her companion a glare before the surrounding tension crept under her skin. She leaned back in her seat, shaking off the lingering tremor from the trip over, and clicked the safety off her gun. A single sound, amplified by the otherwise unbroken silence. 

Just the click of the safety made one of them jump, a few sending quick glances from side to side until they realized it was merely someone’s gun. Some of them looked rather tired from watch duties and such so their timidness was understandable, but that meant she would have to pick up the slack until they were actually awake. Scanning the group anxiously standing around, Freeman noted that some of the Civies had taken the usuals spots to let them rest. Just great…

With a hushed sigh, she waited for the intercom to announce where they should be heading. Her wait was short as MIRT, the man usually watching out for them during fights as well as constantly fixing the vehicles she would accidentally run into things or break, turned it on and gave her a location. “They’re starting at the cranes! At least two Striders with the usual Hunters!”

Gordana gave a quick nod and turned the car back on, speeding off once more within mere moments towards the intended destination. One hand was on the steering wheel as the other pulled out the OSIPR in preparation. 

Closed RP: testsubjectjohnsmith


"It’s been a long time since my last swim, It’s cold isn’t it? It’s always cold when you need to…" John said and dived into the water into one go.

He surfaced and shook his head from all the water. “Yes it’s cold, very cold, ugh I hate cold water…” with that said he started swimming after Gordana, taking a deep breath before diving under again to be able to swim through the gaping hole.

Surfacing again, he looked at Gordana with a small smile on his face. “I imagined swimming with a lady would be in a very different place then a murky old mine.”

'What were you imagining? A crystal clear swimming pool with alcohol bottles just waiting for someone to drink them?' She paused. 'Nevermind. That actually sounds kind of nice…'

Her thoughts receeded for a moment before she got moving again, pulling herself out of the water to check their surroundings. ‘Any guesses on how far down this thing might actually go?’


                     ” You don’t know how to handle it, do you?
                                            The grief. The p a i n. The loss

                              So you reached for the thing you know best
                                 you tried to make a deal. Tried to strike a bargain
                                         that would make it all go away. And you